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The immature husks are kept in a water-filled pit for six months. During this time, micro organisms break down the plant tissues surrounding the fibres and loosen them - a process known as retting. Then long fibres are separated by milling process and subsequently dried and cleaned.

The main usage of Bristle fibres :
Production of Coir Twine
Brush and Tawashi Industries
Potting Mixes/Growing Media
Manufacture of special filters
Solidification of the structure of fibre mixtures in the mattress manufacturing

Bristle fibre could be supplied in different cuts or without cuts and also in various natural colours as per customers requirement.

Products Specification :

Fibre Component
100 % Bristle Fibre (length 20 to 30 cm)

Ec 66 mS/cm
Ph 6.15 mS/cm
Dust 10% maximum
Moisture < 16 %

Packing & Loadability :
3 tie bouquets covered with jute bag of 50 kgs
Quantity in 40' Container 18000 kgs

The colour difference, white coir or brown coir, depends upon the conditions of the husks used, the methods of extraction, the physical properties and the uses. Coir obtained from fresh green coconut is generally known as white fibre. It is finer than the brown fibre. The brown fibres are the outcome of seasoned coconuts which have lost their green colour (>12 months) in the process. Both types of fibre are widely used and each has its own distinct types of applications.

The main usage of white fibre & brown fibre
1. For car seats or mattress stuffing
2. In geo-textile manufacture, used for bank stabilization and soil re- vegetation
3. In cut form for amendment and peat substrate mixtures ( Growbag )

Products Specification :

Fibre Component 60 % Coconut mattress fibre (6 to 9 cm)
40 % Bristle fibre (10 to 24 cm)

Quality :

Ec 66 mS/cm
Ph 6.15 mS/cm
Dust 10% maximum
Moisture < 16 %

Packing & Loadability :
100 Kg Naked bale tied with nylon rope.
Quantity in 40' Container 18000 Kgs