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Coco Peat Single Plant Bag is a growing medium. Saves money by reducing labor costs with the Hydroponic growing media and planter bag delivered as one product. Provides for multiple crop cycles by eliminating the need to replace growing media after every crop as you need to with wood-shavings substrates. Better hygiene in achieved with a self-contained system reducing the risk of contaminating media. Commercially proven to increase the quantity and quality of many crops including tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicums. Allows for accurate control of moisture content during critical crop phases.

Coco Peat Single Plant Bag TCP 10ltr SPB MF:

Compressed Dimension : 18x17.5x5cms
Expanded Dimension : 18x17.5x16cms
Material : 70% cocopeat mixed with 30% short fiber
EC : < 1.0 (Testing method – 1:1.5)
PH : 5.5 – 6.5
Compression Ratio : 3.5:1
Unit Weight : 650gm Approx
Dehydrated Yield : 10 liters per bag
Packing : Packed by 330gsm plastic bags and put into a paper sleeve with the buyer’s own label
Loading : 20 blocks are packed in a carton box and 1440 carton boxes are stuffed in a 40”HC container
72 carton boxes in a pallet and 20 pallets in a 40”HC container
Total carton boxes and blocks : 20 pallets X 72 = 1440 X 20 blocks = 28800 blocks
Loadability : Carton box weight 16 kg X 1440nos.=23040 kgs.
Approx 23.5MT

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