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I got a lot of questions about the new receiver mounted dirt bike carrier I bought. Figured it would be easier to answer them all with a video. If you're going to go this route, the Switch Hauler is the way to go. This is not a paid review. I bought both of these and jut want to share my experience.

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Oh, haha, oh, oh no, oh, whoa.

Oh, that was perfect.

Well, good morning internet.

Welcome back to the channel I'm devin from broken.



I have to see my stupid face, but I've been getting a lot of questions about hitch carriers.

So I'm, a huge fan of hitch carrier, hitch carriers particular because you can run them on your trucks.

Suvs rv.

What have you? Um, I've been running this one for a couple years, um.

But I found a new one and it's way better this one's actually broken now, um.

So I bought it a couple years ago, I'm not going to say the name of it because I don't want to like throw them under the bus.

But the one that I wanted to get which is the switch hauler it's made by all jacked up incorporated.

They were completely sold out everywhere.

Couldn't find one.

I ended up finding this one online.

And the big selling point for this one for me was that it's their heavy-duty model and you're supposed to be able to carry two bikes.

So there's an additional plate it slides in locks into place.

You put two bikes on it lift.

It up it's supposed to lift like 600 pounds.

I had my bike on it and brent american dirt rider, uh, his beta 500 on it.

And this would not lift the two motorcycles, and we were well under 600 pounds.

So I reached out to the company they said that it was probably a bad jack.

And I need to go buy a new jack.

Not we will send you a new jack because the jack that you have is not good.

I ended up going out buying a new jack.


Thanks to them, put the new jack on there.

I put my kids bikes on here.

So, uh, a klx 110 and a ttr 125.

And this would not lift those two bikes either.

So the whole system just doesn't work and like it's kind of rudimentary construction.

Uh craftsmanship is kind of low.

Um, these little non-scratch skid plate.

Things are just glued on and I'll go over some other stuff on this too.

One thing I did like about this whole system.

Their mounting system is these long pins that lock down into the foot pegs.

And then you just tighten these, and you don't have to like it's like 15 pounds, or something like that you don't have to like super crank these things down.

And even with these loose like the bike isn't going to go anywhere unless it goes completely vertical, which it's not going to do while you're traveling.

So I really liked this way to secure the bikes, but I had something happen with the front one and there's, a nut that's welded inside the frame that these little set screws work their way into something twisted in here.

And this bound up, and I ended up shearing off this other set, screw back here so short of drilling.

It out re-tapping it like this whole thing is dead in the water.

Um, yeah.

So not not super impressed with this.

So the systems are cool because like you just load up your bike, and then jack them up one thing that I did notice.

And I pointed out with the other one is that where this bottle jack connects there's, nothing keeping the bottle jack itself into the little groove here.

So like if you're going to load your bike, and you get caught on the foot peg or something like that, and this raises up the jack falls back.

And then this is no longer connected.

So you have to completely lift it up, make sure it's back in its little welded pocket and then go from there so that's a thing.

But once it is in its little pocket spike's, loaded up go through lock pin in place, done ready to go another downside of this one.

And the difference between the switch hauler is that storage for this thing.

This is it like you're stuck with this thing and it's heavy and there's nowhere to put it.

So with the switch hauler, this is pretty all pretty much all this comes assembled in the box.

Just like this I'm, not going to go through it set this nut, but typically I'm, sorry, it's full.

But it works off of a bolt system to keep it from wobbling.

Once you torque that down like this thing stays pretty solid.

So from here, you have a flat platform for a carrying bike and that's it.

There is a bolt that locks it in place and a pin and cotter pin to slide it back to keep the two sections together.

So when this thing's apart, it can be stored up on a shelf up against the wall and garage under your car, whatever you like much more convenient much better design.

This one has two different locking sections, two different locking pins.

So the whole system itself is a lot tighter.

I noticed another thing that's cool is with this one your handle to raise and lower is actually stored inside the frame of the carrier with a pretty decent magnet.

And I called them and talked to them and asked like if I can store this thing in here, while I'm traveling down the road.

And he said that as lo as long as they've been making these, they've only sold three handles, two of them were theft.

And one of them someone left it on the back of their truck and drove away.

So that's, pretty cool.


Same thing, release the pressure, the bottle jack that thing comes down load up your bike.

These are a thicker like rubber skid plates that are actually riveted on so they're, not going to be coming off.

And what is also really cool about this one is that this is the three and a half inch drop.

So I could open my tailgate.

The other one.

I cannot open my tailgate.

And if I'm not there, babysitting it.

And someone else goes to open my tailgate it's going to put the top of that big old steel frame, right through the body work of the track, which sucks all right I'm going to show you guys some close-up shots of this thing.

And let you see what I'm talking about so they're in the back, you see the set screw, which keeps that bottle jack in place.

So it won't fall back on you like on the other one, all of these surfaces that meet each other have like this nylon skid surface.

So everything operates really smoothly.

Nothing binds up like the welds on this thing are crazy.

It is stout.

So so there's, a few of these companies that make this hitch style bike carrier.

But as far as build quality goes attention to detail like they are second to none.

So that if you call them they'll answer their phone, and they will help you, which is not the case with this orange one.

So you can kind of just see the the difference in the construction and it's.

You know, it gets the job done, but for a little more money.

This thing is a work of art.

Anyway, guys hope that helps with any questions you had about these hedge carrier, uh, moto carriers.

And if you have any questions hit me in the comments, I'm, usually pretty quick to answer them back and just so it's clear like full disclosure.

I bought both of these with my own money.

No one sponsored no one discounted anything like that.

I'm, just if you guys go out to spend money like I'd like to see you spend it once instead of that freaking hunk of junk.

So all right guys.

Thanks for watching I'll catch you in the next one later.


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Best Overall

Amazon's Choice, Black Widow AMC-400 is the gold standard of dirt bike hitch-mounted carriers. Lightweight, a self-storing loading ramp comes standard along with an anti-tilt device.

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The Ultimate MX Hauler weighs only 57 pounds and is the most compact carrier available, making installation and removal from your vehicle an easy one person operation.

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How do you haul a dirt bike in a toy hauler? ›

To tie down a dirt bike in a toy hauler, riders can use straps and cords in addition to D-rings, tie-down bars, wheel chocks, track-rail systems, or the Lock-N-Load transport system. Each of these systems, except the Lock-N-Load transport system, requires the additional use of straps to keep each bike secure.

How do you tie down a dirt bike on a trailer without a chock? ›

Apply soft straps to your motorcycle, securing the ends to the sides of your trailer or the fixtures on your truck bed. Loop each soft strap to a ratchet strap. Then, compress your shocks a bit — this will prevent the straps from disengaging if you drive on a bumpy road. Be sure to pick your anchor points carefully.

What is the best dirt bike track soil? ›

Loam: Loamy soil is the gold standard, beloved by any motocross rider. It's the ideal mix of clay, silt and sand, offering sublime traction and grip, while still retaining enough moisture to ensure rider maneuverability.

Is a bigger or smaller sprocket better on a dirt bike? ›

A bigger rear sprocket/ smaller front sprocket will give you an increase in acceleration but decrease your top speed. A smaller rear sprocket/bigger front sprocket will reduce you acceleration but increase the top speed.

What is the hottest part on a dirt bike? ›

How hot does an engine run? The hottest spot on your bike's engine is the head pipe. It runs at 1200 degrees (with hot spots that verge on the 1300-degree melting point of mild steel). The rest of the pipe warms to 600 degrees (so don't touch it).

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Generally speaking, most modern bikes tend to like sag measurements from 100–108mm. We've found that for closed-course conditions (i.e., motocross, Grand Prix) riders typically like to be on the lower end of that range—105–106mm. In contrast, desert conditions will sometimes require a slightly taller sag—102-104mm.

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