EXCLUSIVE: FOX 10's Kari Lake interviews President Donald Trump ahead of Phoenix rally (2023)


FOX 10's Kari Lake had an opportunity to exclusively interview President Donald Trump ahead of his Phoenix rally on Wednesday.


You're president, thank you so much for having us and welcome back to Arizona.

Well, it's something special.

We won the state.

And it was my first my first speech as a candidate as you remember with the convention center, and it was a tremendous success.

So we I love this thing.

People really took notice after that, did you feel that there was something special there that day? Well, we came, and we had 15,000 people and it held a lot less of that who was packed, and they had a lot of people I said, just like this is even a bigger crowd today.

But people started say, well, that's a heck of a crowd.

And that was actually my first speech as a potential candidate.

So it was something very special.

People took notice I have to ask you about something, and you just retweeted it.

Well, we got here a few hours ago.

We saw the most amazing thing.

It was a couple men, President, Trump supporters, and they were carrying down a World War, two veteran.

And a lot of people when they saw that your supporters get a pretty bad rap out.

There by some oh really, no kidding.

I saw the clip on television as it was coming in on Air, Force, One and I started have taken a vet who was an older guy and a wonderful looking guy, and they were carrying him to the front row and I saw that happen.

I thought it was beautiful.


Think it was really beautiful.

Why is somebody giving that a bad rap names? I'm sure that doesn't make you feel? Oh, no.

Our support is we have tremendous support and tremendous supporters.

And our supporters can handle themselves very well, that's for sure well, there's a lot of them here.

Tonight I got to ask you about something that's on a lot of people's mind.

And that is the corona virus.

How confident are you that China is being 100% honest with us when it comes to this scary virus, well, I'm comforted that they're trying very hard, I mean, I know, President, Xi I get along with him very well.

We just made a great trade deal, which is going to be a lot of business for Arizona and every other place.

But they are trying very very hard and I think the numbers are going to get progressively better as we go they're working that they made they built a hospital in seven days.

And now they're building another one I think it's going to work out fine I think when we get into April in the warmer weather that has a very negative effect on on that, and that type of a virus.

So let's see what happens, but I think it's going to work out fine I think, they're, working very hard, I spoke to presidency, and they are really working hard at it so you're, not losing sleep over that.

But do you lose sleep over many things, not to I don't, get that much sleep to start off with so I don't want to lose too much sleep, but I try not to the economy is doing phenomenally.

Well, our country is doing fantastic.

We've rebuilt our military you look at what's happened with our vets the vets have been, you know, the vets are in love with what we're doing.

We got veterans Jewish.

We got veterans accountability, we're, protecting our Second Amendment.

We cut our taxes at the highest level ever done, and the Democrats want to raise taxes, which is something maybe some day they'll explain because nobody could explain it, but they want to raise taxes.

We cut taxes, and we cut regulations and the country's doing great I.

Gotta ask you about one thing affecting young people and it's, the student loan crisis, there's so many loans out there that people feel they're underwater.

And they can't that is there anything I know that they are.

They seem to be gravitating towards the Democrats because they are talking about it and providing solutions.

Maybe not what everybody wants.

You just forgiveness, but where they well, we are talking about it and we're doing things about it.

You know, that was set up by President Obama as a subsidy for Obamacare, and which a lot of people don't understand.

And it turns out to be a disaster there's, a tremendous default rate and we're going to be doing something on it.

The Democrats are talking, but they're never going to be able to do it, because they can't get it to Congress more as I've gotten everything from Congress, whether it's criminal justice reform, which everybody said, couldn't, be done and many other things so we're going to be working in that very hard it's, a big it's, a big issue and it's, a very tough issue for students and we're going to do something really good we'll be announcing it and then not-too-distant future.

We have there's a saying that you see a lot on social media in California in Arizona, which is don't California are Arizona's we're seeing a lot of people coming in from California and it's really changed the demographics for better.

Or for worse right is that going to change the demographics for the people voting for you? Are we going to be a blue state? Are we going to be a purple state? Well, I won Arizona pretty easily last time and I think that a lot of the people that are coming in or somewhat conservative it's, very interesting they're coming in from California by the droves.

They've been driven out of California by crazy policies.

You look at San Francisco.

You look at Los Angeles with the terrible homeless problem and they're, not taking care of it.

But look at the streets and look what's going on they're coming to Arizona, but I think it's a conservative group, that's going to Arizona too and we're doing fantastically with the Hispanics as you know.

And this is, you have a lot of Hispanics and we're doing really great with Hispanics and we're, giving you border protection, which is what you have to have.

Well, this looks pretty full out there tonight.

And and you know, Elvis, Presley performed here, Nirvana, they filled it up.

So you're, probably in pretty good company.

We broke all records tonight.

They say, there's, thousands of people outside.

They can't get in so look it's been a great state from day one for me.

And we love the people of Arizona.


Do you think who's gonna win the debate on the Democrat side tonight? Well, we're watching we'll see about Vinny, Mike, we're gonna see I know him and he's, not he's, not a debater, but it's going to be interesting.

Bernie Sanders seems to have a big advantage.

Now, the polls it just came out seem to have him with the biggest advantage for winning the whole thing, but we'll see what happens if he doesn't win? Do you think you can take some of his supporters I think last time we did I think we will the last time we had a lot of Bernie Sanders support, I think if they take it away from him like a janessa I, really believe you're gonna have a you're gonna have a very riotous time in the Democrat Party, because they really they did a lot of numbers in him.

I think she actually won it, but it was very close.

And then they had the super-delegates.

And they took a lot of things away.

They took a lot of liberties.

I think if they do that again, this time you're gonna have a really very different.

They could have a very difficult time.

I hope they have a difficult time anyway because nobody's done the job that we've done our country is doing great, you're feeling, really good about this tonight.

And when you when you come into a crowd like this, what does that feel like to step on that stage? Well, when you see a arena like this that's, a big arena and it's packed, and you have thousands of people outside trying to get in with movie screens up it's, a great feeling to be it's, a great feeling and your family's here with you tonight right here part of my family's here and they're out there they're cheering us on.

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