Kari Lake EXPLODES At Fox News For Calling Out Her Hypocrisy On Drag Queens (2023)


Arizona MAGA candidate Kari Lake lashed out at Fox News for pressing her on claims that Lake was very close friends with a popular drag queen named Richard Stevens. Lake has launched an all-out war on drag queens since running for office, relying heavily on nonsense culture war issues to pander to her hateful voters. Ana Kasparian discusses on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET. youtube.com/theyoungturks/live

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"Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake had a heated exchange with Fox News host Bret Baier on Monday evening after he asked her about about allegations that she was a drag queen's fan.

Lake, who recently criticized drag queens, was called out by Richard Stevens, a popular drag queen from Phoenix who claimed that he and Lake had been friends. Labeling Lake a "complete hypocrite," Stevens said he had also performed at Lake's home while children were present.

During her Fox News appearance, Lake said Stevens' allegations were false, and that she was "appalled" that Baier mentioned them instead of focusing more on the baseless "stolen election" claims that she's championed in her campaign.

Citing a Washington Post article, Baier brought up the topic of Lake possibly being a fan of drag, which led to Lake turning defensive."


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The trump-backed arizona, gubernatorial candidate.

Carrie lake was appalled just absolutely outraged that someone over at fox news would ask her a difficult question now, as a republican who's going on a republican friendly network like fox, she would expect to be given a round of applause, a bunch of fluff and softball questions.

But shockingly she was asked about richard stevens who's, a popular drag queen from phoenix who claimed that lake had been a close friend of his that lake would go to his performances regularly.

And that lake even invited him to perform at an event at her home with her children present keep that in mind with her children who were in elementary school at the time present important part of the story.

Now, when she was asked about it, she didn't like it, uh.

So why don't we take a quick look at her exchange with bret bear.

The washington post has a story today, says, arizona, gop candidate who criticized drag queens was once a fan according to a drag queen.

This is the quote, arizona, gop, gubernatorial candidate, carrie lake who has attacked drag queens as dangerous to children attended.

The shows of drag queen, richard stevens for more than 20 years.

And once hired him to perform at her home, do you care to address that I do care? I actually do care to address that and I'm really shocked I'm actually appalled that fox news would take defamatory story like that.

And we are pursuing legal action against this drag queen I'm appalled that you would bring that up which drag queen is she appalled by she's appalled by being asked questions about this drag queen, um, the one that she's posing in a picture with uh, right here.

Uh, again.

Richard stevens is his name.

The one that she invited to her home to perform at an event with her children present that drag queen is.

I was talking about she's going to sue him.

Good luck with that looking forward to that defamation lawsuit.

And just you know, see where it goes, um, I'm guessing in the trash, uh, if it ever gets filed in the first place, but putting that aside? Why are you shocked that anyone would ask you about these allegations when really the entirety of your gubernatorial campaign centers on hating trans people? I mean, this is what republicans do republicans don't have anything to offer you by the way democrats have their own flavor of this.

So they're, not innocent.

Okay, but republicans lean in heavy on the culture war narratives because that's all they've got watch.

Ben shapiro's, show it's.

All he talks about culture war, culture, war, be afraid of the gays be afraid of the trans people be afraid of abortion, be afraid of this be afraid of that various groups of people culture culture, culture, that's, right, that's.

All they talk about because what is the other alternative? Would they talk about reforming economic policies that are increasingly, uh, you know causing more and more poverty among the working class in this country is that what they would talk about reforming, the economic policies that their corporate donors are paying them to maintain that their corporate donors, love and don't want to change is that what they would campaign on people of arizona, please elect me, uh, because I would do favors for my corporate donors, and I will continue protecting this economic landscape that puts you at a significant disadvantage is that what she would campaign on is that what kerry lakewood campaign.

No she's.

Campaigning on look at me.

I hate trans people, even though I used to be good friends with one and invited one over to my home to perform with my children present.

Why are you shocked that anyone would ask you this question, you made your bed you made your bed.

This is what you want your issue to be so let's.

Talk about the issue let's.

In fact, go to the next video when you have not talked about or stolen election.

You've failed.

You just spent three questions.

Mr lake talking about this.

I just asked you a number of questions about it.

I played the arizona.

This is the first time let's address.

This story that's in the washington post, every candidate takes tough stories.

I'm asking you to respond to it if you'd like to I'm happy to address it, but I'm really disappointed in fox.

I thought you were a little better than cnn.

You got these pictures of you with him.

Richard stevens the post I've performed for carrie's birthday.

I've performed in her home, that's, not that's performed for her it's.

Some of the seediest bars in phoenix.

I don't want to ask these questions.

I ask you to address them.

I think you do want to ask them, but you don't want to ask about two thousand mules.


So that's her other campaigning topic.

The other big issue, uh, helping trump overturn, the election spreading conspiracies about the election that's all she's got.

I mean, these people are clowns.

And what I would just suggest to republican voters.

Listen, I get it.

I get it politics has long devolved into this.

Ridiculous, tit-for-tat, tribal garbage where you're willing to do anything and everything to support your side, even while they're punching you in the face.

But I would just ask everyone, including democratic voters to take a step back for a second and look at these campaigns and really ask yourself.

How is this hatred toward another group of people gonna make my life better? How does this help me put food on the table for my family? How does this help me pay? My rent my mortgage? What does this do to enrich my life and my family's lives? And I will guarantee you that with the vast majority of candidates, uh, the answer is nothing.

And maybe it feels good for right-wing voters, right to hear some woman who looks like, you know, she was a soap opera reject talking about how much she hates trans people, great, but turns out she doesn't really hate trans.

People she's just using this.

Exploiting fear about people who are already incredibly misunderstood.

People who have no power people who have incredibly high suicide rates as a result of the kind of commentary and rhetoric you're hearing from her she's, just exploiting them for power that's it, not for you power for her.

She could care.

She couldn't care less.

What happens to the people of arizona soap, opera career, failed.

She needs another gig by the way I'm kidding about the soap opera thing, but doesn't, she look like she's, a soap opera, actress like let's, keep it real.

If you're going to make the culture war, your front and center issue.

Then, yeah, you should be asked about it.

The only thing that's shocking is that she was asked about it on fox and maybe that's, why she's so outraged, but you should be prepared to uh, defend yourself.

If again, this is your main topic.

And uh, you have been accused by a famous drag queen of being a good friend of his who has also invited him to your home.

Now, one other thing I want to note is look fact of the matter is.

This is an issue that we see among most republican politicians in fact, on a state level, you have republican politicians, proposing legislation that would uh ban ban trans athletes from participating in school sports with the gender they identify with.

And I thought this was a great headline because it's absolutely accurate lawmakers can't, cite local examples of trans girls in sports interesting let's, dig a little deeper legislators in more than 20 states have introduced bills this year.

This is from 2021 by the way that would ban transgender girls from from competing on girls sports teams in public high schools.

Yet in most every case, sponsors cannot cite a single instance in their own state or region where such participation has caused problems.


Are you surprised by that? Because I'm not it almost seems like they want to give the illusion of governing of legislating when in reality they're collecting checks, they're chilling, they don't care about you more in south carolina.

For example, representative ashley trantham said, she knew of no transgender athletes, competing in the state and was proposing a ban to prevent possible problems in the future in the future.

Oh, my god, they're, look at them, they're taking initiative, that's.

What politicians are known for right? They act before there's a problem, except, you know, that's not true.

Let me give you more.

And by the way, let me be clear.

I don't see this as a problem.

Okay, I see what they're doing in exploiting this issue or turning it into a not.

You know, turning a non-issue into an issue for uh politics for power accumulation.

This is what they do, but there's more, um, otherwise.

She said during a recent hearing, the next generation of female athletes in south carolina may not have a chance to excel.

I got news for you, uh.

Most kids at this point, don't really have a chance to excel.

How are you going to excel when you have to dig yourself into hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt in order to get a decent college education, which is required to get a decent job.

You want to talk about people excelling.

These are politicians who stand in the way of people excelling every single day let's go to tennessee house speaker.

Cameron sexton, oh, we should ban that last name.

It has sex in it.

It seems very bad conceded.

There may not be transgender students now participating in middle and high school sports.

He said, a bill was necessary.

So the state could be proactive.

Sexton wants to be proactive.

I mean, there are issues that are, you know, really impacting the people of his state as we speak issues related to their economic anxiety.

But who cares about that? He doesn't want to be proactive about that no that'd be a waste, and it would probably upset his donors.

So instead let's go after the powerless, let's, demonize them, let's, turn them into scapegoats and continue to stay in power because people let it happen voters.

Let it happen wake up guys.

I I don't understand the hatred people have in their hearts for groups of people who are powerless in the first place.

But even if you do, how does it make your life better to support politicians? Who give you nothing offer you? Nothing other than more hatred? More division more destruction in this country and carrie lake crying about being asked about the like number one issue.

She talks about on the campaign.

Trail is rich.

If you can't take the heat get the hell out of the campaign.


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Kari Lake was a Fox TV anchor for decades.

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Rock Island is a city in and the county seat of Rock Island County, Illinois, United States. The original Rock Island, from which the city name is derived, is now called Arsenal Island. The population was 57,108 at the 2020 census.

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Kari Ann Lake (born August 23, 1969) is an American retired television news anchor and politician. She used to present for KSAZ-TV television station in Phoenix, Arizona. She retired from her anchor role in early 2021.

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She was previously married to Tracy Finnegan, an electrical engineer. Lake grew up as a Catholic. She previously identified as a Buddhist before 2015 according to her friends.

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The losing Republican nominee for governor of the state in 2022 could jump into a three-way race featuring independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.

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