Phillies Trade Targets: RHP Tyler Mahle (2023)


Phillies Trade Targets: RHP Tyler Mahle

The 2022 MLB trade deadline is less than a month away and it is time to start looking at potential trade candidates for the Philadelphia Phillies. Starting pitching is one of the most pressing needs at the moment with Zach Eflin on the IL after a setback with his knee. Bailey Falter is manning down one of the rotation spots. He hasn't imploded and has given the Phillies 4-5 innings while allowing around 3-4 earned runs. It could definitely be worse but an upgrade is needed ASAP. The Phillies may need to address this need sooner rather than later as their current plan is not sustainable. Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Tyler Mahle might be an option.

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What's up guys hunterdull here with another trade video today today, we're looking at red's pitcher, tyler malley, 27 year old, right-handed pitcher and I'm, not gonna lie when I first came across him, I wasn't super high on him and I'm, not saying I am now.

But I do see kind of the reasoning for it and I'm.

Not here to convince you guys why we should go after him, I'm just saying why it might not be the worst option.

If we do whiff on some of the star pitchers, which I don't think will be in on many of the star pitchers.

Someone like maui might make sense.

First off let's start with it.

Like I said, he's, 27, arbitration next year and then he's a free agent in 2024 he's, making 5.2 million right now.

In terms of contract, very similar to brad keller.

Brad keller is 26 arbitration in 2023 and then he's a free agent in 2024 and he's making 4.8 million.

So a marginal difference there just looking at him by the numbers kind of similar production.

I don't want to say the same, but he started 18 games, 98.

And a third and he's pitched, four and seven on the year with a four four eight era, 1.27, whip 107, strikeouts, 3.79, fip, 232, batting average against in a 2.1 war.

So obviously fip is something we need to talk about because it's a big difference from his era.

But first I want to talk about his pitch arsenal, 94 mile an hour.

Fastball 86 mile an hour.

Splitter 84 mile an hour, slider and 86 mile an hour cutter.

So he really loves to challenge hitters with his fastball, which obviously is a risky strategy.

It's one that has worked out well for him over the past few seasons.

But he does tend to miss over the heart of the plate rather than off the plate with it, which worries me it's going to lead to a lot of a lot of long fly balls.

A lot of long line drives when he does command it.

Well, it can be straight paint, which is kind of the key.

You know, there's there's, definitely been some really really good days where he's commanded it better than most some days where he's commanded it.

Well enough, which I think is kind of what we'll get come down to at the bottom line.

And 73 of his 107 strikeouts have come off of that as the strikeout pitch now going to his splitter works great off of the fastball nice arm side fade generally results in contact for outs, he's, not going to get a ton of strikeouts with it.

He does have an 83 mile an hour exit velo on it very low can get sent to the gaps have elevated a bit too much, though which I found is kind of struggle for him is, you know, obviously kind of being a similar to a change up if it hangs a little bit too much, it catches too much of the zone 434 slugging against something he's got to clean up slider usage has been down this year after being his go-to, pitch behind the fastball, almost every year.

Prior and it's been hit pretty well.

So I'm glad the usage has been down it's just hanging a bit too much it's, not a very good slider to be honest, 298, batting average against.

It is generating a 33.4 with rate.

So it's been nice to mix in here and there.

And if he can get it going a little bit more, it can probably be an effective pitch for him, but it just hasn't been this year.

And then as for the cutter, it doesn't fall out of hitters.

It doesn't cut very much, not as much as you'd like it to at least I'm sure, if I was up there swinging it would cut a lot, but not as much as other pitchers it's, a nice fourth pitch with some slight movement to mix it.

Now, I mean he'll get some outs on it.

Occasionally now going to kind of the numbers has always had struggles with walks 3.57 per 9 this year.

He throws 17.82 pitches per inning he's, just not able to put away guys quick I'm surprised how many innings he generally goes, but point being.

He he really limits himself, because of how many how many pitches he has to waste and has averaged under three walks per inning.

Just once in his career, which was a few years ago.

I believe that was 2019.

It has never averaged below 17 pitches per inning.

Something to keep an eye on, he really works the count a little bit too much.

And I will say this guys as far as I was kind of hinting at this earlier.

He had a rough start to the season, and he had a difficult four-inning eight-run outing versus chicago.

In may since that start though he's really been picking things up he's heating up at the right time in his last eight starts he's thrown 51.

And a third he is two and two with a 281 era, 1.08 whip 210, batting average against 373 fip and 57 strikeout.

So you can see that fip is kind of around the same range.

It was expected that he was going to start to turn things around a little bit I'm, not sure if we can expect this from him consistently he did have a really really solid season last year, the best of his career I believe he had a 375 era.

So if we can get something similar to that, I am I'm totally okay with it.

He did have a complete game shutout versus the diamondbacks with 12 k's during that span.

Yes, the diamondbacks.

But still look, he took advantage and had one of his best starts of his career.

And he also had six quality starts in that span.

So six of his eight last eight starts within quality starts again, he's hitting his stride at the right time, I'm, probably going to say, no, just based on how iffy his command can be.

I think I think talking about it a little bit more kind of convinced me more into it, but I'm still going to stick to my guns and say, probably not just because the number of walks and extra base hits.

He allows 35 extra basis this year, it's, not a good combo.

And again, for a guy who kind of relies on his fastball command and you're, not sure what that's going to look like from game to game that worries me down the stretch in the race to the post season.

I think there's better options on the market that are rentals that would make more sense on the positive side of it.

You have him in 2023 too that's.

A plus, if he goes into his best years while hitting his stride on the other side, if he doesn't build off of that recent momentum and kind of reverse back to what he was doing earlier this year, you're stuck with him in 2023.

So not my preference, but I won't be mad if he's cheap, I think he's much better than the numbers show this year.

You know, I think he had some some really really rough starts early in the year.

But I think he's gotten a lot better as the year is going on.

And that encourages me so I'm, not fully against it.

I think he kind of be similar to a zac eflin, which is kind of, you know, you're kind of trying to replace that or get better.

Um, again, I think we could get better.

I know the starting pitching market isn't as as amazing this year.

But I do think there's some guys out there.

We might be able to land that would probably probably still be like fairly fairly reasonable price, um and could pitch a little bit better than mali.

But we'll see I'm, not opposed to it.

Let me know your guys thoughts, I know I've seen this in a lot of philly circles opinions on both sides.

So I'm interested to hear what you guys have to say.

Thank you.

All for watching god, bless go, phil's ring, the bell, and we will see you later, peace.


Who will the Phillies target in free agency? ›

Trea Turner, the Phillies' top target all along in a free-agent market teeming with star shortstops, has agreed on an 11-year, $300 million contract that includes a full no-trade clause, a source confirmed Monday as the winter meetings got underway at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego.

Who is the top prospect for the Phillies 2023? ›

Philadelphia Phillies Top 33 Prospects
1Andrew Painter2023
2Mick Abel2024
3Griff McGarry2023
4Johan Rojas2023
22 more rows
Apr 6, 2023

What did the Reds get for Tyler Mahle? ›

The Reds traded Tyler Mahle to the Minnesota Twins last August for three prospects. Infielders Spencer Steer and Christian Encarnacion-Strand along with left-handed pitcher Steven Hajjar all made their way to Cincinnati.

Will the Phillies trade for a closer? ›

The Philadelphia Phillies have acquired All-Star closer Gregory Soto in a trade with the Detroit Tigers.

Who is leaving the Phillies in 2023? ›

On January 7, 2023, the Phillies announced that they had traded outfielder Matt Vierling, utility player Nick Maton and catcher Donny Sands to the Detroit Tigers for relief pitcher Gregory Soto and infielder Kody Clemens.

Who will the Phillies pick up in the offseason? ›

The Philadelphia Phillies were not quiet this offseason, signing free agents Trea Turner, Taijuan Walker, Matt Strahm and Craig Kimbrel, and trading for Gregory Soto from the Detroit Tigers. Here's a look at all of the Phillies' 2022-2023 offseason moves.

Who is the best player to ever play on the Phillies? ›

The best player in the storied history of the Philadelphia Phillies franchise is undoubtedly third baseman Mike Schmidt, who wowed fans in the City of Brotherly Love for nearly two decades. Schmidt spent the entirety of his 18-year career in Philadelphia, slashing . 267/.

Who is the top gun guy at the Phillies game? ›

One particularly happy fan was actor Miles Teller, a Philadelphia sports super fan. Teller, who played Rooster in this summer's mega blockbuster, Top Gun: Maverick, took in the games from the stands and was even brought onto the field for a Danger Zone inspired moment.

Who is the Phillies number one prospect? ›

A promotion to Reading could be coming soon for the 22-year-old. He could be a late-season addition to the Phillies bullpen. William Bergolla Jr., the Phillies' top international signing in the 2021-22 class, is skipping the Florida Complex League and playing for Low-A Clearwater.

What happened to Tyler Mahle? ›

The Twins announced on Monday that Mahle successfully underwent Tommy John surgery. The Twins had high hopes when they traded three Top 30 prospects to the Reds to acquire Mahle at last season's Trade Deadline to become a top-of-rotation fixture for their stretch run and for their 2023 team.

Who won the Twins trade? ›

Both teams appear to be thrilled with their early returns on a winter blockbuster. Both teams appear to be thrilled with their early returns on a winter blockbuster.

How did the Twins get Tyler Mahle? ›

Mahle was acquired by the Minnesota Twins at the 2022 trade deadline in exchange for infield prospects Spencer Steer and Christian Encarnacion-Strand, and left-handed pitcher Steve Hajjar . Since joining the Minnesota Twins, Mahle started just nine games, with four of those starts lasting less than five innings.

Who is Phillies biggest rival? ›

The Mets–Phillies rivalry or Battle of the Broads is a Major League Baseball (MLB) rivalry between the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies. Both clubs are members of MLB's National League (NL) East division. The rivalry between the two clubs is said to be among the most fiercely contested in the NL.

How much money do the Phillies have to spend 2023? ›

According to Fangraphs, the Phillies luxury tax payroll currently sums to roughly $242 million, which is $9 million over the $233 million tax threshold, and $11 million under the next tier of $253 million.

Who did the Phillies get for Vierling and Maton? ›

The Phillies have acquired left-handed reliever Gregory Soto from the Detroit Tigers, the latest in a series of additions to the back end of their bullpen. The Phils will send utilityman Nick Maton, outfielder Matt Vierling and catcher Donny Sands to Detroit for Soto and utilityman Kody Clemens, Roger's son.

Will the Red Sox play the Phillies in 2023? ›

Boston Red Sox vs Philadelphia Phillies: May 6, 2023.

Who did Phillies let go? ›

Released (The Philadelphia Phillies released RHP Zach Linginfelter.)

Did Phillies make any trades? ›

Sent RHP Noah Song to Clearwater (IL) on a rehab assignment. Traded SS Dalton Guthrie to San Francisco in exchange for cash considerations.

What pitcher did the Phillies just acquire? ›

On Saturday they acquired lefthanded relief pitcher Gregory Soto and second baseman Koby Clemens from the Tigers in exchange for three players—outfielder Matt Vierling, infielder Nick Maton and catcher Donny Sands.

Who has the most home runs in a season for the Phillies? ›

Ryan Howard

Who is going to be the Phillies closer? ›

Philadelphia Phillies Fantasy Baseball Daily Bullpen Updates and Closer Depth Chart
Closer1st in line
PHICraig KimbrelJose Alvarado

Who is the greatest lefty pitcher in Phillies history? ›

We previously ranked Carlton as the greatest pitcher in Phillies history, and he's unquestionably one of the finest lefties to ever toe the rubber. Carlton won four National League Cy Young Awards, a pitching triple crown, an ERA title and a Gold Glove Award.

Who is the best catcher in Phillies history? ›

Bob Boone: 1972-81

Boone won seven Gold Gloves in his 19-year career. Only Ivan Rodriguez (13), Bench (10) and Yadier Molina (nine) won more. But, for whatever reason, Boone rarely seems to be mentioned when people discuss the greatest defensive catchers in baseball history.

What was the Phillies worst season record? ›

During their record-setting streak of sixteen consecutive losing seasons, the Phillies posted their franchise record for losses in a season in 1941 with 111, falling shy of the modern (post-dead-ball era) Major League record of 120 losses in a season.

Who was the best Phillies pitcher? ›

Top 10 Phillies career pitching wins leaders
  • No. 1: Steve Carlton – 241 wins. ...
  • No. 2: Robin Roberts – 234 wins. ...
  • No. 3: Grover Cleveland Alexander – 190 wins. ...
  • No. 4: Chris Short – 132 wins. ...
  • No. 5: Curt Simmons – 115 wins. ...
  • No. 6: Cole Hamels – 114 wins. ...
  • No. 7: Curt Schilling – 101 wins. ...
  • No. 8: Al Orth – 100 wins.
Feb 15, 2022

Who is the Phillies ball boy? ›

Phillies bat boy Adam Crognale provides a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to work in a Major League clubhouse. Phillies bat boy Adam Crognale gets set on the dugout steps ahead of the Phillies game against the Los Angeles Angels on June 4, 2022 (Juliana Nikac/Phillies).

Why is Miles Teller a Philly fan? ›

An NYU grad, Teller would take the bus from Chinatown down to Philly for games. When he moved to California for acting, he'd try to go when the Phillies played at Dodger Stadium.

Who has the most saves in Phillies history? ›

Philadelphia Phillies Player Career Pitching Register- Relief Pitchers Saves (10 or more Saves)
RkSV 6
1Jose Mesa112
2Steve Bedrosian103
3Mitch Williams102
4Brad Lidge100
20 more rows

What is the Phillies most wins in a row? ›

The longest winning streak of consecutive road games in Philadelphia Phillies history is 13 games, set during the 1976 season. The winning streak started on Apr 17, 1976 with a 18-16 away win over the Chicago Cubs and ended on Jun 3 with a 1-7 away loss to the St.

How long is Tyler Mahle out? ›

Set for Tommy John surgery Mahle (elbow) will undergo Tommy John surgery and is officially done for the 2023 season, Do-Hyoung Park of reports.

What team is Tyler Mahle on? ›

Tyler Mahle Stats, Fantasy & News | Minnesota Twins.

Where did Tyler Mahle go to high school? ›

Mahle attended Westminster High School in Westminster, California.

Who did Twins get for Arraez? ›

MINNEAPOLIS — Last week the Minnesota Twins traded reigning American League Batting Champion Luis Arraez to the Miami Marlins for righthander Pablo Lopez and two prospects.

Why did Luis Arraez get traded? ›

The Arraez trade was purely a baseball move, with the Twins choosing to deal from their infield depth to bolster their starting rotation, which stands as perhaps the deepest in recent memory.

Who did the Twins give up for Jorge López? ›

Did the Twins trade away the 'best reliever' in baseball in Jorge López for Yennier Canó deal? Entering Wednesday, reliever Yennier Canó — whom the Twins traded to the Orioles in the Jorge López deal in the middle of last season — has pitched 25⅔ innings and allowed only 10 hits and one run.

Where did the Twins get winder? ›

Draft: Drafted by the Minnesota Twins in the 7th round of the 2018 MLB June Amateur Draft from Virginia Military Institute (Lexington, VA).

How old is Tyler Mahle? ›

Did the Twins get any new players? ›

Signed (The Minnesota Twins signed RHP Isaac Mattson to a minor league contract.) Signed (The Minnesota Twins signed LHP Dallas Keuchel to a minor league contract.) Designated for Assignment (The Minnesota Twins designated OF Kyle Garlick for assignment.)

Are the Phillies the losingest franchise? ›

The Philadelphia Phillies have the most losses, with 11,112, while the Arizona Diamondbacks have the fewest, with 1,946. With 21,769 games played, the Chicago Cubs have played more games than any other MLB club.

What is the biggest rival in MLB history? ›

The Yankees–Red Sox rivalry is undoubtedly one of the biggest and oldest in baseball, and arguably one of the most heated in American sports overall. A rivalry that dates back to 1901, with more than 2,300 games played between the two clubs, the history of hatred between these two clubs runs deep.

Who is the Atlanta Braves biggest rival? ›

Braves–Mets rivalry
First meetingMay 11, 1962 Polo Grounds Braves 8, Mets 5
Latest meetingJune 8, 2023 Truist Park Braves 13, Mets 10
Next meetingAugust 11th, 2023
Meetings total913
7 more rows

How much do Phillies bat boys make? ›

What Is Phillies Bat Boy Salary? Phillies Bat Boy salary is between $9 to $10 per hour. That brings the annual salary between $19,000-$20,000. The salary is lower compared to the average salary of MLB bat boys.

What is the Phillies annual income? ›

In 2022, the revenue of the Philadelphia Phillies amounted to 398 million U.S. dollars.

What is the highest paid MLB position? ›

Aaron Judge, outfielder, New York Yankees

Aaron Judge is the highest paid position player in MLB history. Judge signed a nine-year, $360 million contract with the New York Yankees, making baseball history in a variety of ways.

Who was the first black player for the Philadelphia Phillies? ›

John Irvin Kennedy (October 12, 1926 – April 27, 1998) was an American professional baseball shortstop. Kennedy was the first African-American player to be signed by and play for the Philadelphia Phillies, the last National League baseball team to support anti-Black segregation.

Who did the Phillies get for Ferguson Jenkins? ›

On this day in 1966, the Phillies acquired pitchers Bob Buhl and Larry Jackson from the Cubs in exchange for 1B/OF John Herrnstein, outfielder Adolfo Phillips, and pitcher Ferguson Jenkins. Buhl, near the end of his career, would post a 4.93 ERA across 135 innings in 1966-67 for the Phillies.

Is Astros Maton related to Phillies Maton? ›

Astros reliever Phil Maton faced his younger brother Nick Maton of the Phillies on Wednesday and the family affair had both teams on edge.

Are the Phillies interested in Xander Bogaerts? ›

The Phillies have "real interest" in free agent shortstop Xander Bogaerts, reports the New York Post. Phillies president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski knows Bogaerts from his time with the Red Sox and it was Dombrowski who signed Bogaerts to a six-year, $120 million extension in April 2019.

Could Aaron Judge go to the Phillies? ›

What are the Odds of the Phillies landing Aaron Judge? Las Vegas has the Phillies at +1000 odds to land Aaron Judge in free agency. The chances of the Fightins even approaching Judge for a deal are low, but the potential of having Harper and Judge in the same lineup is salivating.

Who catches for the Phillies? ›

Who is the most famous Phillies player? ›

The best player in the storied history of the Philadelphia Phillies franchise is undoubtedly third baseman Mike Schmidt, who wowed fans in the City of Brotherly Love for nearly two decades. Schmidt spent the entirety of his 18-year career in Philadelphia, slashing . 267/.

Do the Phillies have any African American players? ›

CINCINNATI — Josh Harrison made his major league debut in 2011. Every year since then, usually on April 15, he has worn No. 42 as part of an MLB-wide celebration to mark the anniversary of Jackie Robinson's becoming the first Black player to appear in a game.

What teams do the Phillies hate? ›

The Phillies–Pirates rivalry is a Major League Baseball (MLB) rivalry between the Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates. Both clubs are members of MLB's National League (NL); the Phillies are members of the NL East division, while the Pirates are members of the NL Central division.

What is the biggest rivalry in baseball? ›

The Yankees–Red Sox rivalry is undoubtedly one of the biggest and oldest in baseball, and arguably one of the most heated in American sports overall. A rivalry that dates back to 1901, with more than 2,300 games played between the two clubs, the history of hatred between these two clubs runs deep.

What is the curse of the Phillies? ›

The Curse of Billy Penn (1987–2008) was a sports-related "curse," urban legend, and popular explanation for the failure of major professional sports teams based in Philadelphia to win championships following the March 1987 construction of the One Liberty Place skyscraper, which exceeded the height of William Penn's ...

Will Aaron Judge be the highest paid baseball player? ›

Ohtani will earn a projected $70 million in 2023, including his Angels salary, topping Max Scherzer ($60.3 million), Justin Verlander ($44.3 million) and Aaron Judge ($44 million). It is a record for an MLB player, ahead of the $59 million Scherzer pocketed last year and $60 million for 2023.

Will Aaron Judge wear the C on his jersey? ›

The short answer is no.

Who did Aaron Judge give his bat to? ›

Judge gives ball to mom, gets gift from ump

Perhaps the Yankees star will ship his helmet, bat or uniform to the storied Cooperstown, N.Y., museum; he hasn't quite decided on that yet. But one thing is certain -- No. 61 will never see the inside of a public display case. That one belongs to Mom.

Who's the best catcher in the MLB? ›


Realmuto has been the best catcher in the sport for the last five years. While you can make the argument for Rutschman, Realmuto has an undeniable track record that gives him the edge for now. The 32-year-old is a three-time All-Star, three-time Silver Slugger award winner, and two-time Gold Glover.

Will Liam Hendriks play in 2023? ›

The team announced Sunday that closer Liam Hendriks, who announced April 20 that he was in remission from his battle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, is set to make his return after missing the first two months of the 2023 season and will be reinstated to the active roster Monday.

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