Here are some of the funniest and weirdest moments caught on security cameras and CCTV! part 2!
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In this video we commentate/report about some unbelievable funny and/or strange things that happen to be recorded in security cameras, we also add edits in the clips to make it more entertaining!
Thanks Elliot for helping with the voice over!
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Cameras being everywhere can be an invasion of privacy.

Thanks to them.

We sometimes get footage that otherwise would not have been possible.

A heartwarming moment to watch was caught on cctv when a then homeless man was jumping of joy after getting a job, even though bears aren't, the friendliest animals, a nice act of kindness from a bear happened when he decided to grab the garbage bin that was blocking the driveway and move it to the side.

There are moments in which we do something cool.


But sadly, no one is watching a school custodian got lucky when he was alone at the gym doing his job and got his awesome backwards.

Half court shot, recorded by the security man, sometimes we make mistakes that maybe took too long for us to notice after a woman was vacuuming her garden for over 10 minutes.

She realized her vacuum container was wide open it's, no secret that an adoption process can be complicated.

An incredible moment to watch of a good news delivery happened.

When a security camera caught an adoption worker informing, a young girl that she was going to be adopted and the girls and workers reaction were priceless, sometimes our jobs can get boring when a security guard was bored during a snowy day.

He decided to get his 10 000 steps in for the day.

Okay, I have no idea why the dog decided to do this.

But when a dog was pretending to be injured, a man got off the car to help and that's when the dog revealed his trick sometimes delivery drivers can get hungry a bizarre footage to watch came from an elevator of an apartment complex in which a domino's pizza driver, couldn't resist the pizza.



This is probably going to be the most adorable thing you've seen today when it was snowing, a ring camera caught two bears walking through a neighborhood.

And one of the bears got a little too excited and started trying to catch snowflakes being stuck in an elevator can be scary.


But usually a technician comes rather quickly to help get the people out.

But when a man was leaving his office job late at night in new york city, he found himself trapped in the elevator and was stuck in there for over 20 hours.

And well, luckily, he was okay.

A quick react moment camera caught on cctv was a kid who accidentally left his dirt bike on reverse and well.

He managed to catch it right on time.

It's, no, secret that cats don't like water.

And apparently some cats don't like other cats, either a couple of years ago.

There was a big trend of hoverboards, which even though they don't look too hard to ride.

You actually have to self-balance it.

When a girl was trying out her new hoverboard.

She sadly decided to do it too close to the pool with garbage trucks.

Nowadays being able to grab bins with just a robotic arm in the side.

(Video) 40 Incredible Moments Caught on CCTV Camera

Sometimes it can be hard for the machine to measure dimensions in a local town in peru, a store owner was checking the security camera and noticed that a kid for several days was studying on the streets below a light post because his house had electricity issues and well, the man decided to post the video on facebook.

And somehow the inspiring story ended up landing in the eyes of an arab multi-millionaire who personally flew out to peru to not only help the school, but also bought a house for the kids family when a man bought smart light bulbs that turn on when they detect movement.

He got a little too excited and forgot the security cam was recording before uber allowed people to be able to tip from the app.

Some uber drivers left a tip jar on the back.

Just in case, someone was feeling generous, but well, an unbelievable moment happened when an uber driver's dash cam caught a woman.

Stealing the tips.

A good lesson to learn is that the tip of an umbrella will probably not be enough for the sensor of an elevator to notice when a kid tried to stop the elevator doors from closing things, didn't, go too well for him with many dog's favorite part of the day being going for walks a cctv camera caught a dog being a little too impatient and running before the owner got to lock the door when a speeding camera detected unusual movement.

They looked at the footage and well it wasn't what they expected.

Sometimes we do something embarrassing and are glad that.

No one saw it a kind of embarrassing moment for a man happened when he overestimated his jumping skills and failed to jump over a fence, it's, no secret that sometimes, if you get into an accident, you might be able to get compensation when a sprinkler fell from the ceiling into a woman's desk.

She decided to try and take advantage of the situation and hit herself with a sprinkler and well.

She didn't realize she was on camera with some security devices like nest being useful to know when packages arrived, a nest camera caught a bizarre, but funny moment in which a ups man showed off his dance moves when a man in connecticut noticed that in his backyard, there was a huge pig.

(Video) 45 Incredible Moments Caught on CCTV Camera

He got kind of scared and decided to call the police and well.

The police plan was to grab him and take it to a nearby shelter.

The problem was that the pig was kind of sneaky and the chase actually lasted over 40 minutes, a bizarre footage.

A subway's security camera caught showed a woman which looked to be quite agitated, just randomly destroying a bouquet of flowers cats can be very patient animals when a cat was hiding inside a tube, waiting for a bird to come by.

He kind of over calculated and ended up landing in the pool.

Some things have a higher priority than others when a sudden earthquake occurred a woman who happened to be by the pool was a little too focused on securing her phone.

And well, luckily, her husband came to the about her to rescue, but there was so much chaos.

She started screaming for him.

And there he is it's, no secret that some dogs are very smart and are able to pick up on things.

They see humans do a dog owner was surprised when she heard her doorbell ring and to her surprise, it was their dogs who rang it and were waiting by the door at the royal hawaiian hotel in waikiki security cameras caught a tourist completely ruining a sand sculpture, which was an homage to a special figure for the locals that had been there for years.

Luckily, they were caught when a man noticed, many random items appearing to his house.

He decided to check the cctv camera and well he found out that his cat had a habit of stealing random stuff and bringing them into the house you.




What are some electronic methods of blinding a security camera? Electronic methods of blinding a security camera include using infrared lights, jamming the camera's signal, or hacking into the camera's software. These methods can be more effective but are also more challenging to execute.

What can blind a security camera? ›

What are some electronic methods of blinding a security camera? Electronic methods of blinding a security camera include using infrared lights, jamming the camera's signal, or hacking into the camera's software. These methods can be more effective but are also more challenging to execute.

Can CCTV cameras hear you? ›

Users can hear what the security camera picks up if it has a microphone. IP security cameras commonly have microphones. Traditional CCTV, which uses coaxial cables to transmit data, doesn't usually have audio, because the cables can't natively transmit audio.

How do security cameras get hacked? ›

To access a camera locally, a hacker needs to be in range of the wireless network the camera is connected to. There, they would need to obtain access to the wireless network using a number of methods, such as guessing the security passphrase with brute force or spoofing the wireless network and jamming the actual one.

Do security cameras record everything? ›

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Most home security cameras will record continuously, but there are some that have settings which allow you to choose when they record. This means that if you're worried about your privacy, you can check the settings on your home security camera to see how it works.

How to blind your neighbors security camera? ›

Block Off Security Cameras with Grown Trees, Fences or Curtain. Another good way to blind your neighbor's security cameras is to plant a grouping of shrubs or grown trees that are tall enough to block off where the camera is aimed. Also, you can close the curtain or shade on the window to block security cameras.

What material can cameras not see through? ›

Metal. Metal can block infrared rays. This means an object cannot be seen on a thermal imaging camera when placed into metal.

How far can CCTV cameras hear? ›

Taking Reolink security cameras that can record sound for example, the audio range can reach as far as 6 meters with clear voice.

What does it mean when a security camera is red? ›

If you see the lights turn red, it means that the security camera is on. Side note: The security camera blinking red light is not always real. Remember that when a real security camera is on, it will only have red lights in very poor light conditions instead of blinking all the time day and night. (

How do you know if there is a CCTV in your room? ›

How to find hidden cameras: 10 detection methods
  1. Look for suspicious objects. ...
  2. Check for lights. ...
  3. Use a flashlight. ...
  4. Check any mirrors. ...
  5. Use your smartphone camera. ...
  6. Scan your Wi-Fi network. ...
  7. Check for signal interference. ...
  8. Use a hidden camera detector app.
Dec 21, 2022

How do I know if my IP address has been hacked? ›

15 Signs Your IP Address Has Been Hacked
  • Traffic redirects. You end up on a website that you didn't search for — or have browser windows open behind your current tabs.
  • Pesky pop-ups. ...
  • Malware in your browser. ...
  • Account takeovers. ...
  • Collateral damage. ...
  • Unstable internet. ...
  • Rogue devices. ...
  • Successful phishing.
Apr 19, 2023

Can hackers watch you through your camera? ›

Can you hack through the webcam? Yes, it's called camfecting. And they do it via Remote Access Trojans (RATs) — a type of malware that lets the attacker manipulate and use the victim's device remotely.

Can security cameras pick up conversations? ›

A traditional surveillance camera system with video cables and a DVR typically doesn't have a microphone. You'll need to buy specific audio surveillance cameras and DVRs to record audio with these systems.

Do security cameras catch criminals? ›

Do security cameras deter crime? Studies do show that having a surveillance camera system results in a 50% reduction in crime or more. With the extra benefit of experience, you will have valid evidence of criminal activity if it takes place.

How many times are you caught on security camera per day? ›

Many of you are caught on cameras for about 70 times and that happens mostly in workplaces, shops, or other public places with surveillance cameras installed.

Will a laser pointer damage a security camera? ›

Laser light is powerful enough for blinding security cameras, and their beams can be easily spotted. It is possible to damage a security camera with a laser pointer, but it is very difficult to do so.

How do you mask a security camera? ›

Tips on Hiding a Security Camera
  1. Behind posts or ledges, where they are not visible from the street.
  2. Behind indoor windows, facing out.
  3. Near the mailbox.
  4. A tree.
  5. On a basketball hoop.
  6. In a birdhouse or other lawn decor.
  7. Inside a bush or a rock (or, fake rock)
  8. In a plant/pot.
Jun 1, 2022

Can a magnet disable a security camera? ›

First, The magnetic field generated by the magnet will disrupt the electrical current in the camera, causing it to stop working. This type of disruption is called "magnetic interference." This is why some people put magnets on their fridge doors – to disable the fridge's camera.

What is camera jammer? ›

Overview. The Camera Jammer is a handheld device with a trigger built in, allowing the user to temporarily disrupt surveillance cameras. It operates off of a capacitor that must be allowed to recharge from its battery after a short time.


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